Marietta Senior Apartments
2012 "Envision Leadership Award"

On January 30, 2013, the Marietta Senior Apartments project was awarded Lancaster County's "2012 Envision Leadership Award" for Smart Growth. The 56 units of affordable permanent housing for tenants 62 and older was constructed on a property that was a severely polluted Brownfield site. The new 60,000 square foot building assimilates gracefully into the streetscape, replicating the scale and features of the surrounding architecture. The building provides significant density – 37 units per acre - while not disrupting the residential neighborhood. The location of the apartments provide the tenants with access to public transportation and is within easy walking distance to downtown and the Susquehanna River. The building is heated and cooled with an energy efficient and environmentally friendly water-source system. The apartments are priced for a wide range of incomes from 60% of the area median income to 10 of the units that are reserved to provide permanent housing for the homeless. Tabor Community Services will provide professional contract social services to all residents at no cost to the tenants. Additional density was permitted for compliance with the following categories: Brownfield remediation; Green Building practices; age restrictions (elderly) and amenities for this population as well as architectural and site aesthetics.

Architect: Architectural Concepts - Exton, PA